August 13, 2020

The Power of Influence

The world we live in is a changed place. Consumers are seeking out brands that provide help and have a purpose. In this changing environment, many brands will consider following the trends and working with content creators who have built large, trusted audiences on the back of providing useful content. This has been especially in demand during the pandemic. Following best practices and trusting relevant influencers will enable brands to piggyback on the huge emotional connection creators have with their audience. It is the perfect time to realize the power of influence.

From Joe Wicks to baking tutorials, the nation has become hooked on video content during the lockdown. These content creators have become real heroes for stimulation-starved consumers, providing a connection and useful guidance or distraction. Many brands are now looking to work with online creators for the first time. With lower costs and safe video production from home, it is an attractive proposition. But what are the rules of engagement and how can you ensure your brand values are communicated in the right way?

Jennifer Quigley-Jones, CEO and founder of Digital Voices wrote a full article on this for Brandingmag. Read it here.

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Lockdown 2.0
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