June 7, 2018

Some of Our Favourite UK Influencers in 2018

The sheer volume of content on YouTube and Instagram can be overwhelming. Over 50 years' worth of content is uploaded to YouTube every single day!

Here is an introduction to some of our favourite UK influencers and why we love them:


Occupation: Spoken Word Artist

Why He’s Famous: Suli’s YouTube channel has gained over 25  million views due to his poetic critiques of the education system.

Why We Love Him: Suli makes the everyday poetic. Just look at this ode to the commute he worked on with Microsoft.


Occupation: Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Why She’s Famous: Patricia is the UK’s foremost black fashion and beauty YouTuber. Her wedding videoalone has over 2.6 million views,

Why We Love Her: Patricia has catapulted to the front of everyone’s mind with her “I spent $XXX” style of haul videos. Her attitude - and dancing - keep viewers watching for hours.


Occupation: Make-Up and Beauty Creator

Why She’s Famous: Em Ford (aka My Pale Skin) has over 2 million followers on social media. Her viral video “You Look Disgusting” has been viewed over 26 million times and combats online trolling.

Why We Love Her: Em’s series testing weird (and often painful) beauty products is hilarious. But Em is also a lovely person. She organized “YouTubers for Grenfell” to raise money after the disaster.


Occupation: Musician and YouTube creator

Why She’s Famous: With over 2 million followers on social media, Dodie is known for her quirky ukulele covers and original songs.

Why We Love Her: Her relationship with her community. Dodiealways makes time for other people - whether they are influencers or viewers - which has created one of the most engaged and supportive online communities.


Occupation: Photographer and Videographer

Why He’s Famous: Tim is most well-known for filming for other YouTube creators. But he also creates stunning travel content of his own.

Why We Love Him: Not only do his videos bring an Instagram aesthetic to YouTube - every video captures an emotion, place or moment perfectly.


Occupation: Nail Technician and Aficionado

Why She’s Famous: Tash is the genius behind Fidget Spinner Nails.

Why We Love Her: Tash tackles everything from the glamorous to the weird and wonderful, Her Exploding Pimple Halloween Nails show just how far she’s willing to go to entertain!


Occupation: Chicken Shop and Sneaker Connoisseur

Why He’s Famous: Elijah exploded onto our YouTube and TV screens with his reviews of London’s chicken shops in 2017.

Why We Love Him: The editing holds the secret to Chicken Connoisseur’s genius..It’s the perfect style for YouTube.


Occupation: Modest Fashionista, Influencer and Designer

Why She's Famous:
Dina is the UK's top hijabi fashion influencer. She has over 2 million followers on social media, with her impeccable lifestyle videos.

Why We Love Her: Dina injects all her videos with such personality. She speaks honestly about issues from her faith, to eating disorders, marriage and her opinions on fashion. Her #YourAverageMuslim series for YouTube's Creators for Change programme makes translates complex identity issues for the everyday viewer.


Occupation: British Schoolgirl and Influencer

Why She’s Famous: Nikki Lilly started vlogging her life after being homeschooled due to illness (AVM). Last year, aged 12, she won the UK’s Junior Bake-Off and the Pride of Britain award.

Why We Love Her: Nikki is a source of inspiration for so many of her young viewers. She recently launched a campaign against cyberbullying.

Hopefully you've found some new YouTube and Instagram creators to follow. Have we missed anyone amazing? Let us know!


Occupation: Traveller, Photographer, Instagrammer

Why She’s Famous: Olga is a Third Culture Kid with over 116k followers on Instagram. She is based in London, but captures whimsical travel photos from around the world.

Why We Love Her: Her use of colour and whimsy. It gives us lifestyle envy. Also, everything is photographed and edited on her phone.