January 27, 2021

On the Rise: Our Favourite Stars

If you were stuck at home this past year like the rest of us, you were probably watching something on YouTube. 2020 found the majority of us spending most of our time online. Over two billion users, watch one billion hours of YouTube a day - but can you really blame us? We rely heavily on YouTube and creators for information, entertainment and a sense of community during these unprecedented times.  

Shifting our focus to 2021, it looks like lockdown is here to stay a little while longer. To keep you entertained, the Digital Voices team has put together a roundup of some of our favourite rising YouTube stars who are shaking up the platform.  Whether it’s homeschooling tips, product reviews, gaming channels or just something to make you laugh - you’re guaranteed to find something on YouTube to help pass the time stuck at home.

Here is our roundup of recommended rising stars you need to subscribe to now...

Ciarán Carlin

British YouTube creator who recently stepped down from editing WillNE’s videos to focus on his own channel is seriously smashing it at the moment.  Ciarán’s content is varied, including eye-tracking challenges, viewer submissions and most recently a ‘worst rip off apartments’ series where he rounds up the worst apartments in different cities. His sense of humour speaks to us and with 345,000 subscribers, and his views on the rise, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Ciarán Carlin.

SJ Strum 

SJ Strum, mum of three living in Surrey with her children and Swedish husband has become one of our favourite vloggers for family related content. SJ’s videos are extremely inspiring as she takes us through her day to day life juggling three children, with one child in school, a child with speech delay and a baby girl.  SJ loves researching and finding unique and unusual baby names and Monday on her channel has become ‘Baby Name Monday.’ Whether you’re looking for some wholesome family content or need some inspiration from wonder woman herself,  SJ is your girl!


Video game enthusiast and EA Game Changer, also known as Niran. The FNG YouTube channel is definitely one to watch if you’re a football fan.  He posts gameplay, tips and tricks related to FIFA and has a growing 479,000 followers.  Whether you’re looking to brush up on your FIFA skills this lockdown or you just want to be entertained by the crazy challenges Niran sets himself in the game, this channel will not disappoint. Be sure to check out Niran’s new podcast Park The Bus, which showcases sporting stories and guests and trips down memory lane.  

Elz The Witch

If you like sarcastic humour, whitty opinions and video games like we do, then you’re going to love Elz. We love that the number of female gamers is on the rise, so it seems fitting we were immediately drawn to Elz’s videos as she has been gaming since she was eight years old.  Elz describes herself as an ‘undercover geek’ and even has a degree in computing as well as over 4 years of experience in the tech industry. We love that Elz uses her channel to express her love for gaming, and she encourages her subscribers to embrace their hobbies and interests, no matter what they may be.  

Dr Amina Yonis 

By day, Dr. Amina Yonis is a scientist, lecturer and teacher. By night, she creates YouTube videos to motivate and help students graduate.  Amina created her channel to share and inspire others through her education, travels and adventure. She is a graduate of four British universities and holds a PhD in cell and cancer research - is there anything she can’t do? We absolutely love what Amina is doing with her channel - not only is it an amazing educational platform but her videos inspire viewers to reach for the stars and push for their dreams.

Bruno Maltor

Since being stuck at home, we have found ourselves looking for ways to stay inspired by all things travel, so we were extremely excited when we came across Bruno’s channel.  Originally from France, Bruno has been creating travel content for over 10 years, but when the pandemic hit and we were no longer able to travel, he had to reinvent himself in order to keep viewers inspired. While he would normally travel outside of France, Bruno has done an amazing job at staying relevant during lockdown, creating videos to encourage people to dream about their next travel adventure. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French - there’s loads of time to learn!

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