November 23, 2020

Learnings from Lockdown 2.0


The first Lockdown triggered a sense of community amongst creators and the public at large. We shifted our communications from aspirational content and envy-inducing posts to authenticity, vulnerability, and focus on productive entertainment. We were all going through the same struggles and trying to make the best of a bad situation.

As a result, we formed new habits. Creators emphasised realism over perfection. That trend hasn’t gone away. The desire for vulnerability has adapted.

Now with Lockdown 2.0 sweeping across European cities, the need has intensified to feel connected in a remote, virtual world. This is partly as we come into a Holiday Season characterised by connection, family, and togetherness.

In this snapshot, we identify current leading YouTube categories, provide guidance on how brands should work with creators, and look at Q4 trends that have emerged.

What has changed since Lockdown 1 ?

Overall, YouTube viewership has increased by nearly 15% between February and October. This vast increase in demand is fuelled by lockdown distractions that have become habits.

How do creators feel at the moment?

In a recent Twitter Poll, 61% of Twitter users in the UK said they want brands to boost positivity and share positive stories to combat the horrors of2020.*

Content creators feel the same as all of us in 2020: In limbo

* Source: Twitter 2020 - E-Poll UK

Forward thinking


With the recent bout of Christmas ads, we’ve seen an emphasis on home-life, family dynamics, and overall respect and sensitivity around the reality of lockdown for all. Advertising needs to portray reality, diversity, and vulnerability.


Online sales surged 129% in April as shopping habits moved from physical to digital. Social media platforms are all moving towards shoppable content, that is engaging, interactive and creator-led


In the current landscape, brands new flexibility to innovate and try new advertising channels. Brands are looking to get involved in in-game activations and streaming at an unprecedented scale. Now is the time to try something bold and different.

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Lockdown 2.0
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