Content your customers
want to watch...

Not ads they want to skip.

Content your customers
want to watch...

Not ads they want to skip.

Our beliefs.

Creativity Wins.

We champion creators who inspire and connect with their audiences through video. Digital Voices offers brands the opportunity to identify and champion these creators. The best campaigns cut through the noise of advertising, build trust and convert viewers into brand advocates.

Length Matters.

Build Community.

We believe in creating long-form content that lasts. Don’t blame short attention spans - the average mobile session on YouTube lasts over 40 minutes. People watch long videos. Make better content to retain attention. Beyond this, we believe content should stand the test of time. Whether that is being discovered through YouTube search, embedded on websites and blogs, or inspiring customers to create user-generated content.

Building a community on social media demands vast amounts of video content. People like people. We help you inject personality into your brand’s content through a mixture of partnerships with key creators and harnessing in-house talent. If you build a community, your customers will believe in your brand and become your biggest advocates.

Flaws with the current landscape.

Non-Specialist Agencies

Non-Specialist Agencies

Talent Management

Talent Management

Software Platforms

Software Platforms



PR and traditional marketing agencies often do not have the specialist knowledge, tools and data to run successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Talent management are great to work with for individual creators. However, their limited pool of talent encourages the recommendation of influencers who may not be the best fit for the campaign.

Software platforms can work for matching creators and brands at scale, especially on Instagram. However, campaigns tend to perform poorly due to limited advice on strategy and creative alignment.

Publishers are powerful tools for raising brand awareness amongst a broad audience. But they tend to have short watch time and low conversion rates.

We solve these problems.

At Digital Voices, we are obsessed with YouTube and video content. Instead of managing talent, we pull data directly from YouTube’s API to find the best creators for your campaign. Every piece of content is bespoke - all strategy and video ideas are tailored to each creator to maximise ROI.

We’re so confident in our data that we guarantee organic views.

Our market position.

Digital Voices Market Position Graph

Meet the team.

Jenny Quigley-Jones Headshot

Jenny Quigley-Jones

Founder & CEO
Will Etheridge Headshot

Will Etheridge

Head of Growth
Kaal Khatri Headshot

Kaal Khatri

Brand & Content Manager
Ellie Ramsden Headshot

Ellie Ramsden

Campaign Associate
Melanie Bates Headshot

Melanie Bates

Head of Finance

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